Exploring and presenting without an external audience

As a teaching methodology, process drama developed primarily from the work of Brian Way, Dorothy Heathcote and Gavin Bolton and through the work of other leading drama practitioners. 

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Participatory Narrative Inquiry (PNI) is an approach in which groups of people participate in gathering and working with raw stories of personal experience in order to make sense of complex situations for better decision making. PNI focuses on the profound consideration of values, beliefs, feelings, and perspectives through the recounting and interpretation of lived experience. Elements of fact, truth, evidence, opinion, argument, and proof may be used as material for sensemaking in PNI, but they are always used from a perspective and to gain perspective. This focus defines, shapes, and limits the approach.



ADCID has been fortunate enough to be collaborating with the Cynthia Kurtz who developed PNI. You can find more about the process at Cynthia's website Working with Stories.

The use of forum theatre to explore issues

Being theatre, it takes the audience on a journey, and allows them to follow the main character and the “through-action” of the play. A good forum play engages the audience so that they really care for the main character and feel compelled to show different ideas to improve the outcome. Forum theatre is not only performed in a specific way; it is also scripted differently to other plays. The structure of the play needs to be carefully sculpted and at times adjusted – emotions can run high in the performance, and audience sensibilities are easily offended if the ­play is not seen a fair. Note: we are activating the audience to participate in a performance, and therefore engage in a difficult subject matter.