Performance at Artscape Sandbox, in downtown Toronto April 2017. The audience is seen in the photo having crossed over the fabric edge and entered into the area where the story would be created. The musician are seen joining the audience ready for the story creation to begin.

Imagining Possibilities

Imagining Possibilities is driven by…

community members with Cerebral Palsy, who use AAC, expressing their unique identity and collaborating together to “show what is possible”. They have worked with ADCID to develop a style of creative improvisation to express their ideas and create stories as an ensemble. Together we are exploring ways of sharing these ideas, in participatory forms for audience members with Cerebral Palsy.

ADCID has been working with members of the Cerebral Palsy community who use alternative augmentative communication (AAC) since 2011.  This engagement evolved into ADCID’s Imagining Possibilities project in Toronto, in partnership with Bliss Symbolics Communications Institute Canada.We have built a team of artists that understand our theory and practice and can apply this to their creative work with community members who use AAC. We are also developing the leadership skills of a group of participants who have been working with us for 5 years, and who are taking an influential role in the Imagining Possibilities Project. We continue to develop their skills in fostering the artistic and leadership development of their peers. 

See Imagining Possibilities Website for more details on the project. There is also a new Come to the Edge performance website, which mentions the  upcoming event on March 10 and March 11 at Daniels Spectrum. 

Engaging Possibilities

In 2015, through OAC Arts Education funding, and in partnership with Brock University and Hotel Dieu Shaver we engaged adults in Niagara through Engaging Possibilities - Creative Improvisation and Story Telling Workshops. Then in 2016, with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, we developed a workshop on Collective Creation, engaging members in Hamilton, Niagara and Brantford. In St. Catharines this culminated into a Community Sharing at Brock University’s Marilyn L Walker Theatre. Members of the Brock community, family, friends, as well as members of the CP community in Hamilton and Brantford attended the sharing, and participated in creating a story together.

Performance at Artscape Sandbox

Come to the Edge performance event at Artscape Sandbox

Considerations in our facilitation 

  • Inclusion – for ADCID inclusion not a radical concept, it is the basis for everything we do
  • Influence – the participants actively shape and hold meaning about the process
  • Time – participants are given the time to explore and express themselves
  • Listening – we engage and find ways to hear what is being expressed, through multiple pathways and modalities.
  • Emerging and shifting – processes must help the story adapt to the situation as it unfolds